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R-Zero offers an intelligent, automated, and verifiable layer of defense in any indoor environment. We’re proud to be the most widely used and trusted UV-C disinfection solution in American education. Here R-Zero’s Overview for Schools

The time is now to take action. The Delta variant is more severe (according to the CDC, it’s as contagious as chickenpox). As a result, the CDC has called on implementation of interventions beyond vaccinations to stop the spread of infection — interventions like R-Zero’s hospital-grade, independently tested and verified, whole-room UV-C disinfection solution.

Helping Keep Classrooms Across America’s Fifth Largest School District Safe for Over 320,000 Students 

This month, Clark County School District (CCSD), the nation’s fifth largest school district (responsible for educating 70% of the students in Nevada) — deployed R-Zero’s hospital-grade, mobile UV-C system, Arc, across all 370+ campuses, to protect students and staff.

Don’t take our word for it, here are some highlights from local news, commentary from school administrators, facilities managers, and the superintendent.

  1. This TV News clip highlights R-Zero’s UV technology as a critical component of a layered solution as COVID cases rise. One parent feels Arc will help “bring sanity to a lot of parents who are concerned.”
  2. This local piece features an interview with a district principal, who says she sees the Arc units as a long-term investment that will help tackle student absenteeism“I even think it’s going to be great for cold and flu season. Not just COVID-19, but every issue we have beyond.” 

School Officials – References

Here’s a list of 40+ select K-12 school districts that have deployed our products and services.

We’d like to invite your school to become part of the growing effort to keep students, staff and the administration safe and healthy, without stopping daily instructions/activities.

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