Cooling Tips For You

Cooling Tips For You

Cooling Tips For You.A quality filter that is the correct size.If an filter is too small its a bad filter.A simple guide to look at quality.  if you hold your filter up to a  light source,the more light you see penetrating the filter the less effective the filter is.

If you cannot get the poly-pad filter  recommended by us.Use a n accordion style or pleated filter.

In our travels we’ve seen filter sucked up into the unit or filters on the floor after a customer installed it.This usually happens because customer bought cheap, flimsily or the wrong size filter.

Sometimes on bigger units the air velocity produced is excess of what the filter was designed for.In this case a stainless steel would be your answer

The primary reason why you use a air conditioning filter is to keep your evaporator coils clean.If you are doing a good job with your filters you should not need to chemically clean your coils for five  years,in a residential application.

This will vary depending on the number of  occupants.Also e.g Pets and cooking habits.

Commercial applications will vary also depending on type of business and number of occupants.Using cheap filters and changing them often will not help either.Good filters can last up to 3 month, while keeping air quality in good condition this also depends on your indoor  environment and occupants.