Polypad Air Filter has been tested according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 52.1 test procedure with the following results:

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Filter Feature

  • Synthetic Dust Wt. Arrestance 90% at 150-180 grams
  • Dust Holding Capacity
  • 115 grams at .5″ w.g.
  • 160 grams at 1″ w.g.
  • Initial Resistance
  • 10 water gauge at 1200 cfm
  • Best Filters for your AC Wayne Group & Services.

CPF (Clean & Pure Air Filter) Change Pad and Frame System

  • Much More Effective than Ordinary Fiberglass Filters!!!
  • Reduce Cleaning and Maintenance By Minimizing Airborne Particle Contaminants
  • Helps Reduce Indoor Air Pollution .Easy To Install & Maintain

Best Filters for your AC Wayne Group & Services,Inc Polypad air filters

  • Changing pads is accomplished with a minimal effort and exposure to dust.
  • Simply replace the old pad with a new https://waynegroupservices.com/residential-commercial-duct-cleaning/
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