Indoor Air Quality

The biggest factor affecting your health is the air you breathe inside your own home. Take steps and proactively improve your indoor air quality and safeguard your health.

Indoor air quality in Fort Lauderdale starts with a clean AC evaporator coil.Which should be removed and chemically cleaned about every five years.Depending, occupancy,pets,etc.


This also depends on the Filter you use.

The filter should be a high dust arrestance capacity filter. If you can’t get the poly-pad frame and pad filter system from Wayne Group & Services.Indoor air quality in Fort Lauderdale.Use a accordion style or pleated Filter. Make sure this filter is the right size. On our travels we’ve seen filter sucked up in the Ac unit or just fallen out on the floor.In this case the evaporator coils will be getting dirty Prematurely.


Duct Cleaning

Not all duct cleaning are the same.Some ducts are metal on the inside and some are flexible plastic. Some ducts are made of fiberglass board,Which has great insulation values. Dose a good job of moving air but can get dirty.When its time clean the ducts Fiberglass board can not be cleaned any old way.Special attention must be made not to over agitate the duct board.Pricing should not be your primary concern when getting your ducts cleaned.A knowledgeable and trustworthy firm should be hired. .Some ducts are too old to be cleaned.After many years the duct board get can degrade.

Duct Evaluation

Once Wayne Group & Services Indoor Air Quality team has Cleared your Duct system for Cleaning. Negative Air Process Negative Air is creating a negative air flow In the duct work.

Is Your AC System too big ??

Here are a few questions you may want to be answred. Dose your a air conditioning unit runs and shuts off and your thermostat says 75 and you still feel uncomfortable? This could be a good sign that you AC has too much capacity for the space and it maybe over sized. Did you change your windows and doors to double glazing or impact windows? Did you change your roof ? Have you had added insulation to your attic space?

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