AC Maintenance

We Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Systems Are Up and Running

The best kind of air conditioner repairs are the ones you never need. Properly maintaining your AC will extend its life, as well as have it running at peak levels. Get quality AC maintenance service in Oakland Park, Florida from Wayne Group & Services. Our highly experienced, trained, and certified team of technicians offers you repair solutions that are second to none. We help you ensure better efficiency and cleaner indoor air.


AC Maintenance Services

Our AC maintenance services in Oakland Park include but are not limited to:


Chemical Cleaning – Chemical cleaning condenser coil lowers the heat in the outdoor unit. Hence, lowering amp and reducing electricity consumption.


Checking & Changing filters – Filters should never be overlooked. They need to be the right size and have a high dust-resistance capacity. Although you are able to change filters on your own, our technicians might point out a better filter or filtration system that you should be using. Visit this link to find the right size .

Thermostat Calibration – In order to ensure your thermostat is working properly, our technicians calibrate it, make sure it is installed properly, and located away from all heat sources, for example, light bulbs and heat-producing appliances. Call for AC maintenance services in Oakland park.

Checking Electrical Connections – We inspect your electrical connections to make sure they are installed and operating properly. Poor electrical connections can have potential electrical hazards. We help you avoid them and improve the lifespan of your cooling system.

Lubricating Moving Parts – Lubricating moving parts ensures you aren’t causing any unnecessary damage to these components with friction. It prevents break down and increases the overall life of your AC unit.

Checking and Clearing Condensate Drain Line – Clearing your AC’s condensate drain line ensures that your air conditioner is able to properly drain liquid condensate. If it’s clogged, it can cause moisture and leaks. It also helps you get rid of any mold and bacteria around your drain line.

Check System Controls – Checking system controls of your AC unit allows you to ensure proper cycling and safe operation for your HVAC system. If your system is not starting, operating, and shutting off properly, there might be a problem.

Refrigerant – We will check the refrigerant level against the outdoor temperature for proper differentials and subcooling. This is very important for the higher efficiency units.

When it comes to AC maintenance in Oakland Park, Wayne Group & Services is the most reliable to get reliable, cost-, and time-effective service. Have questions? We will be more than happy to answer! Give us a call today!

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