Commercial A/C Service

Why you should Choose Wayne Group & Services for AC Services in broward county. Commercial air conditioning Broward county, Commercial ac Services Broward county Florida Fast. No matter the size of your business, from a small grocery to a high rise, you will need air conditioning. Professional AC services from commercial HVAC experts. We provide your business with all the cooling technology it needs.Roof top air conditioning need servicing regularly.


Filters and belts need changing to keep up with the south Florida heat.Condenser coils need to be cleaned to save electricity and to generate less heat. Reducing load on hard work components like compressors and motors.Bearings need to be Greased,Refrigerant levels need to be checked. Some customers have more complexed Commercial AC equipment like 100% Fresh air units.


That takes in air from outside, warm saturated humid 90 degree summer air and cools it down, and dries out moister instantly with out recirculating air back through the building .

These equipment runs 24/7 365 days per. You mostly find these equipment in common areas of buildings.This kind of equipment are very important ,when they fail your indoor air quality will decline fast.


Giving moist air a chance to create mold and mildew to form on surfaces.You may have walked into a building and immediately felt this doesn’t smell right. Employees work in these conditions everyday and have no idea.People sensitive to mold and have various allergies will have a hard time in this condition. They’re the ones who notices this first. Please call Wayne Group & Services today to see what we can do for your Commercial AC Service..Waiting until something breaks is not the way to go.Call us about great winter deals which you can take advantage of.

Wayne Group & Services provides a Quality Service for you. (Including Emergency and Weekend Services.)

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