Latest Air Conditioner Servicing and Maintenance Technique

An air conditioner cools the room by removing heat efficiently and effectively from it. Its refrigerant or coolant works together with other parts of its system to perform the task of cooling the room.Latest Air Conditioner Servicing and Maintenance Technique


Unfortunately, some parts accumulate dirt and dust over time and affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the air conditioner in removing heat. In order to bring it back to its usual performance, cleaning it regularly and properly is necessary. Frequently, a professional air conditioner cleaning specialist engaged to provide the cleaning. When you engage with Wayne Group & Services, you may wish to suggest a new technique of cleaning. Before we introduce you to the new technique, let us look at the usual way of cleaning with chemical solution.

Typical Way of Cleaning with Chemical Solution

Chemical solution is frequently used by Wayne Group & Services to give your air conditioner a good wash. Wayne Group & Services will apply the chemical solution to the air conditioner and rinse it off to perform the cleaning. However, the corrosive nature of the solution would damage the air conditioner’s components and shorten its life span if the chemical solution is not rinsed thoroughly within a reasonable time. How can you avoid such a the situation? Let us introduce you to a cleaning technique which will minimize the corrosion of the components when chemical solution is applied.


New Technique of Cleaning – Steam Cleaning after Chemical Solution

The new technique combines 2 types of cleaning in one session, i.e. cleaning the air conditioner with chemical solution and then with steam. Cleaning it with steam or heated water vapour has recently become popular because of its effectiveness in removing dirt and smell. As long as you can afford a steam cleaning equipment and observe the safety requirements, you should be able to “steam-clean” it. Cleaning the air conditioner with steam after the application of chemical solution ensures that the chemical is fully removed. It also removes any undesirable smell quickly.

There is always extra costs when more is performed. As such, please be prepared to pay a higher fee for this new technique of cleaning.


Common Tips for Routine Cleaning

Let us give you some tips on how to maintain your air conditioner in good condition before the next cleaning by the

  1. Clean the filter weekly. This is the first layer of defense against dirt and dust accumulation. Please also make sure that the net of the filter is not broken.
  2. Keep your room clean and dirt free. The system is less dirty when less dirt and dust are suck into it.
  3. Clear items in the room which affects air flow and circulation. When the air flow and circulation is poor, it affects the rate at which the room is cooled.
  4. Ensure that the room is properly sealed so that minimum heat is transferred to the room.


The tips above is just for routine maintenance. You should always schedule a monthly cleaning by the expert or Wayne Group Services for the best results.

Best technique to service your air conditioner – a combination of chemical washing and steam cleaning – to completely clean your unit and components.


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