Old AC Has Become Inefficient? It’s Time for Replacement!

An air conditioner can only be repaired for as long before it lives past its prime. Most systems have a lifetime of 10 years. As your AC gets older, its efficiency decreases dramatically. You can notice that you are not getting the same cooling effect or weird noises are coming out of your AC unit. When your AC begins to show its age, you need to replace it and have a high-quality, energy-efficient unit installed that can help keep you cooler, ensure a comfortable environment indoors, and also save money. Wayne Group’s AC installation services in Oakland Park, Florida are targeted towards making the process a breeze. Call us today for a seamless experience!

We Also Help with AC Selections to Maximize Performance

One of the many reasons behind homeowners or commercial facilities calling for AC repairs is selection errors. When your new AC is too big for your facility, it performs as poorly as if was too small (if not worse). To make the right choice, before selecting a system, you need to determine what best fits your need. Depending on whether you live in a new building or an old house that has undergone renovations, the choice of AC would vary. A professionally calculated heat-load is important to ensure a proper air conditioning system is being selected. In addition to providing top-notch AC installation services in Broward County, Wayne Group also offers consultation services on AC selection to maximize performance. Contact us today for professional heat load calculations.

Our Years of Experience & Expertise Can Help You Get Years of Uninterrupted Service

Selecting the right size (Btu’s or Tonnage) for your AC is one thing and ensuring proper installation is another. The installer needs to use basic, as well as standard refrigeration principles to ensure no moisture or air enters the system during installation. At Wayne Group, we have a team of certified and trained technicians, whose years of experience and expertise can help you get years of uninterrupted service from your AC unit. Call us for AC installation services in Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Pompano, Tamarac, Lauderhill, and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.

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