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ac-maintenanceAC Maintenance

The best kind of air conditioner repairs are the ones you never need.

Properly maintaining your AC will extend its life and have it running at peak levels too.

AC Maintenance gives better efficiency and cleaner indoor air.Get quality  AC maintenance service in Oakland Park .From Wayne Group & Services.

Our team offers the AC maintenance services in Fort lauderdale, second to none.

From chemical cleaning AC evaporator coils.Chemical cleaning condenser coil will lower the heat in the outdoor unit .

hence lowering amp and using less electricity .Hard to drain condensate line systems can cause unnecessary damage to property.

Chemically treating condensation drain  lines e.g Leak checking evaporator and condenser coils ,if an unit is suspected of leaking Freon. Checking and changing filters.

Filters are not to under estimated. The filter must be the right size and have a hi dust arrestance capacity. waynegroupservices.com/filters/

checking and oiling motors and amp draw,tightening electrical connections ,Thermostat accuracy ,Monitor compressor operation amps,check blower wheels etc .

Wayne Group & Services will check The the units refrigerant level against the outdoor temperature,for proper differentials and sub cooling.This is very important for the higher efficiency units.

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